Time to Change

Recycling has shown us that change in this world starts with us; but how? Yeshua came not only to offer us a new start, but to give us power to overcome our wrongdoing and replace it with "life in all its fulness." Not necessarily a problem free life, but one filled with the love, peace and presence of our loving Creator. The new life that Yeshua offers cannot be earned; it costs too much. In fact He was the only one who could pay the price, which He did when He gave His life for ours on a cross. He died, tasting death and separation from God on account of our actions, so that we don't have to. The price is paid, and we can boldly enter the presence of our Creator as we turn away from our wrongdoing and acknowledge the death of Yeshua on our behalf, submitting our future to Him.


Prayer can be a mystical experience; communing with One who is so much greater than ourselves and beyond our comprehension, yet who understands and knows us so completely. When we pray, God, who knows our hearts, looks not for eloquence but sincerity. Shim'on Kefa called on the crowd near the Temple in Jerusalem to: "Turn from your wrong ways, change your attitude to God and turn to Him, so He can cleanse away your sins and send you wonderful times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord." Almost two thousand years later God invites us all to do the same; and because of Yeshua we can know the reality of that change and His forgiveness within our hearts. You can speak to the Creator in your own words. He's always listening. If you're really not sure what to say, you could follow the words below, remembering it's never too late to start afresh.


"Loving Creator God, thank you for your wonderful offer of forgiveness and new life. I admit that I've lived my life so far without you, doing my own thing, going my own way. I've fallen short. I now turn from all I know to be wrong. Thank you that Yeshua died in my place paying the penalty for my wrongdoing. Please forgive me and give me a clean heart. Fill me with your joy and peace, and from now on may your Holy Spirit be my guide."


By sincerely praying the above prayer you have begun a relationship with your Creator. Yeshua once said that He did not come to condemn but to save us. As we allow Him to clear the dross from our lives, we experience a unity with our Creator that we never thought possible. Let His love enfold you today as you draw close to Him and invite Him to take charge of your life. Yeshua deserves our praise and adoration, but He also wants to know what's on our heart. We can come to Him when we've messed up too, and He forgives us and gives us a new start. Of course it's only the limitations of human language that describe God as 'Him'*. He is far more than a man or woman; He is above and beyond all that we can imagine. Yet we can get to know Him in a personal way as we spend time in prayer and reading His message to us, the Bible.

Spiritual Food

We need to feed our new spiritual life with spiritual food. We find this "food" in the Bible. The New Testament, i.e. the final third of the Bible, is a good place to start; perhaps reading Jesus's life story in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. As we nourish our spirits each day by reading a passage from the Bible we not only get to know our Creator, but the Bible also becomes a mirror in which we see ourselves. In the ancient Hebrew scriptures, called the Tanakh or Old Testament, we find ordinary men and women who experienced the joys and the pains of everyday life just like us, yet who found in God a rock and refuge for those hard times. Within these pages we also find peace, hope and vision for the future; but above and beyond all of this we glimpse the glory of the Divine Being, so full of love and passion for His Creation that He planned our salvation, and His self-sacrifice, from before time began.


Having joined God's family, it's important that we meet with others who've done the same. Meeting up regularly brings opportunity for prayer and praise, for help, encouragement and spiritual growth. The type of church isn't always important as long as it teaches from the Bible, is welcoming and friendly and full of God's life.

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* For more on the nature of God, see our FAQ's.


‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.'


Yeshua the Messiah

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