In Time

We are spiritual, and therefore eternal, beings. That is to say that although we had a beginning, we have no end. Our life on this earth is rooted in time, but away from this life time has no hold on us. There is a day coming for us all when we will be, but time will be no more. Yet our eternal future will be determined by our reaction to one mystical event that took place many hundreds of years ago at a particular point in time. It was an historical event of earth-shattering importance, yet scoffed at by the unspiritual mind now as then. It is an event that is courageously confronted by genuine seekers after true spirituality, yet hastily dismissed by those who avoid the searching beam of purity, love and peace. It concerns the Messiah.

Ignorance and Innocence

We can't deny that the world we live in is an imperfect one. The earth's crust moves causing earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Lions and sharks kill to eat. Ignorant men and their lust for power cause wars and destruction, sometimes on a massive scale. When we think of how the innocent suffer in this rebellious, self-seeking world in which we live, it's no surprise to learn that this same world turned against the one who came to bring hope and love, mercy and truth ... the Messiah?

A Greater Power

As we look at nature, whether it's the symmetry of a snowflake, the double helix of our DNA or the components of our eyes, we see design, something that the scientific community are admitting to more and more. There is a Creator. Mediaeval mystics, fully aware of the divine presence, were not an ignorant throwback from the dark ages. They were those who had looked beyond this material world and glimpsed a power greater than ourselves. If therefore there is a divine power out there, would it not be unusual for that One to want to communicate with the world they had created? Indeed many religions have avatar myths, but is it too much to expect that the One who made this world could also walk upon it in human form? Surely to such a highly developed individual nothing is impossible. Why should we be surprised then that two thousand years ago one came claiming to have come from before the creation of the world? One whose behaviour, language and lifestyle betrayed not a hint of insanity or insincerity, One who was perfect.


What a contrast to ourselves! We have all done things that we wish we hadn't. Not one of us can say that we're the best human being that's ever lived. In a word we are "flawed." Even so, we are all very valuable. Each one of us is unique and special, and deserving of love and respect. However, like the world we live in, most of us have said or done things we regret, often caused by ignoring or rebelling against our Maker's guidelines. Messiah Yeshua spoke of someone trying to take a speck out of a friend's eye, while at the same time there was a huge log in their own eye. We rightly condemn child abuse, political corruption and the many evils of our world today, but is it always someone else's fault, or am I not a part of the problem?

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‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.'


Yeshua the Messiah

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