Yochanan was Yeshua's closest follower, and the only one of his ten companions who wasn't martyred for his beliefs. Instead he was exiled on the Greek island of Patmos, where he received a vision in which he not only saw the events that will culminate in the end of the universe, but he also saw into Heaven itself. His record of this vision is known as Revelation. Equally as well-known as Revelation is his account of the last few years of the life of Yeshua, a significant work because in it Yochanan records more of the actual words of Yeshua than any other contemporary account.

Below is just a taste of the insight of Yochanan as he brings spiritual truths to bear upon our natural, and often fallible, lives.

Quote from Yochanan
Quote from Yochanan
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As a close friend of Yeshua, Yochanan learnt from the very source of spiritual wisdom. To read  the introduction to his eyewitness account of Yeshua's life on earth click on: WORD.


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