Solomon, son of the Hebrew King David and Bathsheba, became king in his own right circa 971 BCE. His wisdom was renowned throughout the ancient world. It's recorded that God appeared to him in a dream, just as his reign began, and encouraged him to ask for whatever he wanted. Solomon asked not for riches or victory in battle, but for "a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong." In the light of this wise request, God blessed Solomon, making him the wisest man who ever lived. On top of this, the Hebrew scriptures tell us that God gave him incredible wealth, part of which Solomon used to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

Solomon had great knowledge of the natural world, but today he is famed quite rightly for his wisdom, distilled and included as it is into four books of the Hebrew scriptures. Here below is the briefest glimpse of Solomon's legacy to us all:

Homeless man
Gurad your heart
Desert and mountains

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a) Ecclesiastes 3 v11; b) Proverbs 21 v13 (NCV);

c) Proverbs 4 v23; d) Proverbs 14 v29;

e) Proverbs 16 v25.



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