Sha’ul’s life was suddenly and dramatically transformed from one of blind religion to intense spirituality. As a rabbi in first century Tarsus, an important city in Asia Minor, he led a violent persecution of Messianic believers; those who adamantly asserted that Yeshua had been seen alive for forty days after his burial. It was on such a mission that he had a vision that literally knocked him to the ground; it was an encounter with the risen Yeshua.

He could no longer deny the reality of the one he had been fighting against. Humbly he abandoned his personal crusade, and devoted his life to telling the known world about the Messiah, and how each one of us could have a relationship with the Divine. He declared his former life dead and buried, even changing his name to Paul as evidence of this dramatic change. Although guided by the Holy Spirit, his life was never a comfortable one. He was shipwrecked three times, flogged on numerous occasions and frequently imprisoned.

It was while under arrest that he dictated his most famous letters, to encourage Yeshua’s followers to stay faithful and grow in their spirituality in the face of mounting opposition. His brilliant mind brought into focus the ancient teachings of Moses and the Hebrew prophets, distilling their wisdom into a form powerfully relevant for today.

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