Angels and Yeshua

The scriptures tell us that Yeshua existed in eternity before the world began. In fact the 1st Century rabbi, Sha’ul of Tarsus, declared that Yeshua himself is the creator of the invisible, angelic realm. So it is no surprise that ancient accounts record angelic activity at key moments in his earthly life. His birth was foretold to Miriam (Mary) by the angel Gabriel, and heralded by angelic rejoicing in the skies above Bethlehem. Angels strengthened him after a period of severe testing in the desert, but his toughest challenge came when he chose to await arrest and certain death at the hands of the Romans. Again an angel was there to strengthen him.

While on the cross however, he chose to suffer alone, without the assistance of angels, and as he himself said, he gave his life “as a ransom for many.” He died in our place to wipe away our record of wrong. Through Yeshua, love, acceptance and eternal life are offered to all. Angels were witnesses at his resurrection, and were there again at his Ascension to reassure his followers. The same scriptures foretell that angels will play a major part in world history when he returns to this earth to bring peace and to do away with evil in all its forms.

Angels Around Us

Angels are widely viewed as benevolent beings, yet not all angels are good. Rabbi Sha’ul spoke of deception and struggle “in the heavenly realms.” Yochanan, Yeshua's closest follower, warned us not to believe everything the spirits say, but to test them to see whether they are from God. Biblical scriptures suggest the existence of guardian angels. Some people try to communicate with their guardian angel, but often end up contacting a very different sort of spirit instead. They find they're being drawn into a much darker world.

Why Do People Try to Contact Angels?

Inside all of us there is a longing for something more. Some try to satisfy that longing with a faster car or a bigger TV; many experiment with sex or drugs. Some realise that the answer is a spiritual one, and think that communicating with invisible beings is the biggest buzz you could ever know. Others acknowledge the existence of a higher power, one who created the angels, but feel totally unworthy to approach him* or don't even realise that it's possible. In short they have never grasped the overwhelming desire our Creator has to communicate with us, his* creatures.

Two thousand years ago the Creator himself left heaven and took on human form for thirty-three years. The wonderful message of the Biblical scriptures is that we can come to know our Creator in a personal way. All the rubbish that has built up between us and the Divine, e.g. our jealousy, anger, greed and selfishness etc., was removed by Yeshua the Messiah who took our place on the cross, bearing the cost of our forgiveness. We can now be totally forgiven, cleansed and accepted. Being deeply loved by our Creator, we can approach him directly. If our sincere desire is to turn from what we know to be wrong, to please the One who gave us life and trust him for his forgiveness, we will know life itself. The scriptures say that “even angels long to look into these things.”



Thank you God for the reality of the spiritual world, for the angels and for the invisible work they do. Thank you too for coming in the person of Yeshua, heralded by the angels, because you love me and want me to know you. Lord of all creation I open my heart to you today that I may know your cleansing, your peace and acceptence. I turn from what is wrong and welcome you into my life to be my guide. Thank you for your forgiveness. Teach me to follow you.

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* For more on the nature of God, see our FAQ's.

‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.'


Yeshua the Messiah

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